Evan LeRoy is a chef and pitmaster from Austin, Texas. Formerly of NYC's Hill Country Barbecue Market and Austin's Freedmen's Bar, Evan has garnered international acclaim as a top tier barbecue chef. With over a decade of experience in the restaurant industry and a lifetime cooking barbecue, Evan loves sharing his passion for his home state and its signature cuisine through:

Pop-ups & Collaborations

Professional BBQ Restaurant Consulting

Personal Classes


Texas barbecue is gaining popularity all over the country and world. Let a proven pitmaster come to your restaurant and teach you everything from selecting meat, to trimming, seasoning, managing fire, wrapping, resting, and slicing brisket, ribs, sausage, and more.  (Only available outside the state of Texas)


Book a one-on-one class with Evan. You'll get hands on with barbecue from the first minute and learn the ropes from a proven pitmaster.



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